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The "circular economy" has become a trend of international development, and our Government has repeatedly demonstrated to promote it. The construction industry shoulders the responsibility for various infrastructures like transportation, construction, electricity, manufacturing, etc. However, it has caused a lot of cement, sand, steel, wood and other raw materials use and impact on the environment. In view of this, in order to enhance circular economy implementation in the construction industry, under the preparatory call of the Taiwan Construction Research Institute president - Dr. Liang-Jenq Leu, Taiwan Society for Circular Economy (TWSCE) was established on June 19, 2019.

As a research pioneer and non-profit organization of promoting the circular economy application in the construction industry, our mission is to connect construction engineering, resource recycling, and industrial economy to reduce the consumption of natural resources and waste output, and jointly promote the technological and industrial upgrading of circular economy to achieve the goal of sustainable development of resources by the government and enterprises.

Organizational Chart

Major Tasks and Objectives

  1. Conduct academic and technical exchange activities related to circular economy.

  2. Promote the research and development of resource recycling and reuse technology.

  3. Assist the government to formulate laws and regulations related to circular economy and promote their application.

  4. Assist in improving enterprise productivity, energy efficiency and environmental performance.

  5. Reduction of construction projects' energy use and carbon emission and promotion of resource recycling and guide the sustainable development of construction industry.

  6. Cultivate relevant talents, handle education and training, transact lectures and publish books and periodicals.

  7. Establish international verification standards and promote voluntary verification systems.

  8. Promote international cooperation and exchanges and establish a platform for technical cooperation.




  • 2020 General Assembly and and Seminar of Cement and Steel Industry in the Circular Economy's Opportunities and Challenges

Half of the earth's natural resources are used in construction industries. Nowadays, when natural resources are increasingly scarce, creating a good recycling construction environment will help reduce the exploitation and harm to the environment. In Taiwan, more than 30 million metric tons of waste are generated by businesses and constructions a year. These are actually misplaced resources that can be reused in the industry system. In order to encourage related industries to actively reduce greenhouse gas and recycle materials, the Society organized the "Cement and Steel Industry Opportunities and Challenges in Circular Economy Seminar" on 7/15 (Wed.), focusing on the development of Taiwan's cement and steel industry for circular economy, share the achievements and challenges of investing in the circular economy, so as to provide all walks of life with understanding of Taiwan’s traditional industries efforts to transform.

Construction-related industries used to be regarded as high-consumption and high-polluting industries. However, with the joint efforts of industry, government, academia, and research, the circular economy puzzle of the construction industry has gradually been constructed, regardless of the establishment of the system or the assistance of policies. In the future, we will build a demonstration zone, integrate regional energy, and create applications for product reuse, so that Taiwan's circular construction can speed up the pace and move toward the road of recycling!

  • Cement Kiln Co-processing and MSWI Fly Ash Reuse Forum

The co-processing waste of Taiwan's cement industry's is still in infancy. There is still room for improvement in the composition of various industrial by-products, supply and demand information of by-products, and environmental management. Based on this, TWSCE organized a "Cement Kiln Co-processing and MSWI Fly Ash Reuse Forum" in the lecture hall of the Material Experiment Center of the Architecture and Building Research Institute on the morning of February 21, 2020. The meeting invited more than 50 related fields domestic experts from industry, government, academia and research to attended the meeting, and discussed related policies, technologies, and industrial-level issues through this activity, so as to enhance the value of Taiwan's circular economy and introduce to the cement industry, with a view to creating a win-win economy and environmental protection, and integrating with the international community.


  • TCRI, TWSCE & C2C MOU Signing Ceremony

In order to promote the domestic construction industry to further move towards a circular economy and be in line with the international certification system, President Leu of TWSCE and President of the Taiwan Construction Research Institute and Cradle to Cradle Company's founder, Prof. Michael Braungart, under the witness of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, and a number of major domestic building material manufacturers, has officially signed a tripartite cooperation agreement. This reciprocal recognition model for certified building materials products is going to accelerate the increase in the number of domestic building materials recycling certifications to facilitate the design and use of domestic recycling construction.


  • EU-TW Circular Economy Seminar 2019

President Leu was invited by the Environmental Protection Agency to attend the "EU-TW Circular Economy Seminar 2019" , which co-sponsored by Taiwan and the EU and take place in Brussels, Belgium on 12/9 . Both sides shared experiences and results on issues such as plastic recycling, solar panel design and recycling, and circular construction. after conference, they also went to visit EU Solar PV CYCLE, EU Building Materials Bank (BAMB), and the headquarter in Rhine, German to get a hands-on understanding of how EU promote the circular economy.


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